I began writing about the WNBA in 2012

  • I then became a Sacramento Monarchs fan and watched them play in NBA2king the 2006 WNBA Finals against the Detroit Shock. Since watching Parker perform in the national championship , which was won by the Tennessee Lady Volunteers, I've been extremely interested in basketball for women. I began writing about the WNBA in 2012.

    I started working at Swish Appeal in 2013 and continue to assist in increasing the exposure of women's basketball with my coverage. Lisa Leslie's appearance on a computer game led one child to continue the cycle of exposure.

    Sports Illustrated's insistence to feature the UConn both women and men on its cover and ESPN's coverage of the Monarchs, Shock and Lady Vols, as well as my going to an institution that promoted coverage of women's sports played a role in the development of the cycle also.

    Video games hold a particular force. When you play as someone who is a enthusiast for them as they aid in the success of your team. It is evident that Parker's inclusion on the cover of NBA2K will inspire young teens and young boys to become dedicated basketball fans.

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