2K Sports have included the G-League in earlier games

  • It would be an interesting bonus to 2K MT PS4 see 2K launch additional locations in the PlayNow mode. In previous games, 2K Sports had included locations outside of basketball arenas. In the early entries of the series Rucker Park was part of the game.

    These locations provide a fresh flavour to the game. It can get boring to look at the same graphics every time you are loading into a game. These arenas do not have to be associated with basketball as wacky locations can add lots of diversity to the game.

    G-League Teams The G-League has become more important over the last couple of years. The G-League has evolved into a legitimate minor league which is highly competitive. Five teams have taken home the G-League championship in the previous five years.

    In addition also, the G-League has increasingly played a role in young players using the G-League as a path into the league. We've seen players like Pascal Siakam using the G-League to grow as a player before becoming an established, regular player in the league.

    2K Sports have included the G-League in earlier games. In NBA 2K19 the G-League was one of the steps on the path to NBA for the MyPlayer. Although the last usage was acceptable, 2K Sports can make better use of Buy MT NBA 2K22 PS4 the G-League.