Do you want to take my container?

  • Go to Port Phasmatys, and talk to any banker. Do you want to OSRS Fire Cape view your account at the bank? Blain sent me. Let's take a look. Take out the Medium Helm in the head spot and the Abyssal Whip in the weapon spot and the platebody at the chest area. Then, return to Blain using the crate of Blain.

    Do you want to take my container? All you need. It's fine. I'll be there in case you require me. I'm off, good. The Undead Berseker (Finished after my slayer mission and stuff).

    Dawn of the Awakening is a quest that ends in you fighting a Dragonkin. As with every dragonkin fight I'll suggest, the dragonkin will teleport onto you. Here's an idea of the things you could possibly gain after completing the quest. I included it in the concept of the main quest, but I felt that a more thorough explanation would be helpful.

    Getting There. To get there, first locate a Fairy Ring within Brimstail’s cavern. It leads to the lair. It is a rock that is covered in lava if you use it.

    What to bring. Plenty of food, perhaps some Saradomin Brews and Super Restore Potions. A piece of elemental is suggested if you plan to visit Wyverns. Whatever you choose, you'll need an Antidragon Shield and some Antifire Potions. Bring your most powerful weapon and range armor, if you are planning to Buy OSRS Accounts visit Rorgon. Or bring some melee armor and the Protect from Magic prayer.