The healer must keep the team together

  • Though their principal aim is to OSRS Items kill the heart stone, they are also able to attack the defenders that are attempting to prevent them. Each defender kill heals your heart rock 20 hitpoints. Traps can be walked over carefully for those experienced in the skills of thieving or agility.

    Requirements to pass every snare without damage as follows: Trip lineup - 25 thieving to disable, 23 agility to leap over. Flooring spikes- 37 thieving to disable, 37 Ability to jump over. Pressure pad- 45 thieving to disable, 47 Ability to jump over. Barricades could be hurtled with agility, pushed with strength, or destroyed using any handy weapon you've got.

    Prerequisites to become over barricades as follows: Barricade lineup (1)- 30 strength, agility, or simply take 70 hitpoints off. Barricade line (2)- 50 power, agility, or simply take 90 hitpoints off. Barricade lineup (3)- 70 power, endurance, or simply take 120 hitpoints off. If an attacker is low on hitpoints, he's five tabs that can teleport him back to the base, where it's somewhat safer. Although the attacker can't heal himself, he could be treated from the team's healer. He cannot use protection prayers.

    Defender (green ring): The shield stops the other team's attackers from getting into and murdering their soul stone. This may be accomplished by freezing the attackers until they get to the stone, placing traps and barricades to slow them down, or by simply killing them. Floor spikes- 45 hunter and 30 construction, necessitates 15 iron claws, 1 plank and a hammer (not consumed). Dart traps: 73 hunter and 78 structure, requires 15 iron claws, 5 boards, 50 feathers, 5 bowstrings, and 5 iron darts per injection (can lode up to 50, can be reloaded just when empty). Barricades need nothing to be put up, but there are only 5 supplied per group. They can't be piled in classes more then 3. Defenders must also be ready to defend against the other group's attackers, for they could be attacked also.

    Healer (blue ring): The healer must keep the team together. He's accountable for keeping their players living. While they don't need to keep everyone living to win, it helps considerably: every time a person on your team dies, the enemy's core stone increases 20 hitpoints. Although it can go over it is original hitpoints level of OSRS Buy Gold 250, it cannot exceed 500 hitpoints. To maintain his teammates living he has to use healing spells.