Knowledge About Screw Barrel


    Screw Barrel helps the machine improve its overall efficiency and function. The screw barrel has a good feature, it can be used for various functions, such as mixing, material compounding or material processing, so due to its easy-to-use and flexible nature, this common tool can be used in pharmaceutical companies, food industry or polymerization Material industry.

    Due to our rich experience, the latest technology and quality team, we designed our screw barrel, which has improved the quality and efficiency of the screw barrel compared to the past. Now we provide flawless products that can be used for a long time. Time can provide maximum output without maintenance. Our products will support your extrusion work to achieve the ideal composite performance.

    If you are looking for such screws and barrels, they can provide you with good wear life and long maintenance time, because our screws are constructed in a way that prevents corrosion and wear and the barrel is wear-resistant, which is why the current market The reason why this type of screw and barrel function is more needed, we focus on the current market trend, and we are manufacturing products that can provide you with low maintenance costs.

    One important thing here is to clean the screw and barrel, which is a time-consuming task, but it is necessary. There are two ways to clean the screw and barrel, one is to remove the parts, and the other is to inject a cleaning agent. So it all depends on the technician's more flexible method.

    Precautions for the installation of screw or barrel The screw and barrel are made of compatible alloys. The screws should be planned according to their use. They are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials. Before installation, check whether the dimensions are intact and all should be checked for alignment.

    In order to provide the best quality final product, increase the service life of the screw and barrel, and provide more output at a lower production cost, we have our own highly skilled engineers, technicians and mechanics who are constantly committed to performance. Our engineers know very well that the enemy of the screw and barrel is wear, which is why we make the screw and barrel more wear-resistant.

    There are many screw and barrel services available, such as repairing damaged screws, rebuilding screws, replacing screws, honing barrels, etc. It can efficiently design and manufacture screws suitable for various applications, such as single-thread or multi-thread screws, barrier screws, etc. Therefore, if you have a customized order, then you can definitely contact us. It can efficiently manufacture the ideal barrel for your screw, which has high resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is made of the correct combination of alloy steel and stainless steel.

    Finally, we will say that if you are looking for extrusion screw, extruder barrel, injection screw or injection barrel, please consult our Yingtai screw.