Friction Of Single Screw Barrel


    Single screw extruder is the main force of many extrusion processors. Rely on it every day to continuously extract the extruded plastic products. They lead on-time delivery to meet your hard-won customer needs. Therefore, it is very important for extrusion processors to consider and maintain the output of their extruders.
    These are the very important screws produced by Injection Molding Screw Barrel

    First of all, this requires an understanding of the material transport within these machines. Here, surface friction plays an important role. The high friction along the barrel and the low friction along the rotating screw allow the material to move forward. Under these conditions, the polymer slides over and over the screw (rather than rotating with it). This further melts and mixes in each area. Then it exits the barrel at the output rate to support the required line speed.

    Please also consider your slotted barrel feed section and highly polished, low-friction coated extruder screw. They complement the opposing friction, provide a more consistent extruder output and improved material metering.

    Adversely changing the required friction characteristics will also have a direct impact on the output of the extruder. Over time, it may lose output and eventually lose operational efficiency. As the residue accumulates, the surface will have a delamination effect. If not controlled, this situation will gradually worsen. It can go from the material hanging or wrapping, until the complete loss of output.

    This happens because of improper maintenance of the surface of the screw and barrel. In short, ignoring or underestimating the need for cleaning machines will cost you! This problem is especially common in specialized extruders, where one material and color runs consistently. It usually provides a sense of error that does not need to be cleared-because no "real" conversion occurs. However, the reduction in extruder output and the increase in operating costs will soon begin to erode any perceivable savings from this concept.

    In all extruder operating environments, it is important to keep in mind the surface condition of the Single Screw Barrel of the extruder. Having a clean machine, including the use of commercial cleaning agents for regular screw and barrel cleaning, will keep your main force in top condition and running. Keep the friction force of the barrel high and the friction force of the screw low to obtain the best performance. This is all you need to maintain the output of a single screw extruder!