• The bond between humans and their pets has vastly grown to a diverse and mutually beneficial partnership. For those living in their own, or if you remain lonely can get you to the depression. However,  when you have a furry friend around, it reduces the sadness caused by loneliness and gives you some joy and playful grin. If you want to own a pet you need to have an ESA and for an “ESA therapist near me" you can have it from getyourpetcertified.com they are providing an “ Emotional Support Animal Letter Online".

    Here are some ways pet ownership can have a positive impact on you.

    • Petting reduces stress:

    While your dog enjoys belly rubs and cut purrs from rhythmic patting, your blood pressure is actually dropping as well, your body release a hormone which results in reducing stress and in this way pets help you to relax and work mindfully. With all dogs and may be  even with some cats, you’re required to go outside. On your walks,  on exercise which in turn boosts your mind plus you’ll be getting Vitamin D.

    Your animals like routine. They know when it’s time for a walk, when it’s time to eat and when it’s time to sleep. By them getting into a routine it helps you get into a routine which helps you to manage your time.

          2-Unconditional, Uncomplicated Love:

    As humans we interact with so many people, relatives, friends, significant others that sometimes it can be overwhelming, even stress releasing



    With your pets, they don’t care if you made a mistake at work or if you cancelled any plan. They are just happy that you’re with them and loving them back.

    Your pets depend on you for safety, food and comfort but you probably depend om them for a lot too in different ways. If you’re not able to have pets for whatever reason, volunteer at your local animal shelter or visit a friends pets the results will remain same.

    • The Studies Prove It:

    There are multiple studies that have validated the belief that pets keep you healthier longer.  Following are some examples.

    • A recent study found that dog owners required much less medical care for stress-induced disease.
    • Another study says elderly pet owners made fewer trips to the doctor than elderly non-pet owners.
    • Study shows that patients, owned a pets had higher survival