What kind of Christmas lights accessories are best to use

  •   Our list includes all the tools and materials that may be needed for outdoor Christmas light accessories. What you use depends on where you hang the light and the type you use.

      Outdoor Christmas Lights-Choose between mains power (if you have an outdoor power source or weatherproof extension cord) or battery power (if you can't use a PowerPoint or would rather avoid dragging cables).

      Outdoor Christmas decorations

      Drain hook or decorative clip. To hang light strings and rope lights, you need to use outdoor decorative clips suitable for light strings to hang them between a series of fixed points. Decorative clips can be glued to wooden surfaces, such as door frames, gutters, and fascia. Or, hook the drain hook to the edge of the drain to get a quick, moveable solution. Just make sure that the material to which they are connected is strong enough to withstand the weight of the light. For guidance on how many clips or hooks are needed, see step 3 of "How to decorate the exterior of your home with Christmas lights."

      A ladder

      An all-weather outdoor extension cord-if using a mains-powered light. Make sure that the extension cord is weatherproof and can be safely placed outdoors. We recommend using cable reels because they usually have the longest leads and are usually weatherproof.

      A tape measure-used to measure the distance between the power socket and the lamp you want to hang

      Battery-If using battery-powered lights. We recommend using rechargeable batteries because they can reduce waste.

      Battery charger-if using rechargeable batteries

      Potted real Christmas trees-if you don't have any suitable foliage decorations in your garden, potted trees are a good choice. They can move around easily and spend the festival better than a felled tree.

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