I hope that my sex life will be more exciting

  • Why are so many people looking for the young girl silicone doll?
    Silicone dolls, whether they are life-size or young girls, are similar to people, but they need to use lubricating oil. When you first look at Realistic sex doll, they will feel more beautiful than real people. The disadvantage is also that there is no human body temperature. And the face is easy to get dirty. Human skin receives dust and grows out of the body by itself. Silicone doll's skin receives dust, and there are more and more spots. If it is not properly protected, it will not be easy to wash after a long time. And the density of sex is uncontrollable, because it is not like people will oppose it. I don’t know whether it’s harmful to the human body. As for products, it varies from person to person.

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