Does the life size sex doll look pretty?

  • How to use love doll
    Now love dolls have been popularized in various countries, but even so, there are still many people who do not use love dolls.

    real life sex doll

     For inexperienced baby friends, they don't know how to use them correctly after buying them. Generally speaking, when we send the Human Size Sex Dollout, there will be instructions for use and cleaning instructions in the package, which will tell you some methods and precautions for swinging the doll.

    TPE Love Doll Sex

     If you want to learn more and unlock new postures, you can go to relevant forums to learn about it. Of course, the most direct way is to ask customer service. After all, in terms of products, no one knows better than our company employees. Our customer service will be based on you. Questions, 15 to 10 answers, whether it is about the washing, dressing, and combing of Best male Sex Doll, it can help you.

    TPE love doll

     What position is more comfortable for the physical doll to use? I personally think that although the physical doll is very lifelike, it is not a real person after all, and will lack some interactivity, so I think the back-entry style should be the most convenient and labor-saving to use. The step is to lift the two legs of the doll up to 90 degrees, then put the joints in a kneeling position, and then turn the lying Cheap Tpe Sex Doll sover, but sometimes it may kneel unsteadily, so you can put a quilt ,Push up the bottom and it will be fine.

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