Things to Avoid When Writing a Fiction Book


    Not everyone can hire best ghostwriting services. Some write on their own. That is completely awesome! However, if you are not hiring professional services, then you may have to work with someone to help you out in your creative process. By that I mean, internet warriors like us try to be as helpful as we can to help you out in your creative endeavour.

    So, let’s come to the topic. You want to write a fiction novel. Great! However, there are some things that you need to avoid while writing your fiction novel.

    This short blog share six crucial mistakes that you need to avoid. Look below.


    Avoid any resembles legit resembles real-life characters

    Fiction is a genre that is the opposite of non-fiction. Well, that sounds pretty dumb when you say it, but it is the truth.

    Therefore, make sure that writing fiction does not resemble any legit real-life person or character.

    My literature professor used to say, fiction is not the truth, but you will always find some truth in fiction.

    Yes, it’s a good thing you are inspired by something real, something that has happened in your life.

     However, do not make it sound like a real-life story because it would be an autobiography and not a fictional story.

    Bring your creative insights and imaginations and full of doubts and wonders to make your story a never-ending experience for the reader.


    Don’t steal anyone’s story. If you do, be like Shakespeare. 

    When you steal someone’s story or the plotline, you lose your credibility.

    However, if you somehow plan to steal the plotline, then be like Shakespeare the legend.

    Why? Shakespeare is a legend whose storyline mainly was copied and stolen from other writers.

    However, what made him a great writer was his talent for improvising the original story.

    He used to develop characters that no one could imagine before. He used to show the real pent up emotions that everyone could be related to. His ability to turn a mediocre plotline into a historical piece of literature is unforgettable.

    Tip? When copying a plot: improvise the story, make it original and your own, which no one could have ever thought before.


    Don’t forget the storyline. 

    It’s pretty apparent that you need to keep track of your story. When using devices literally like foreshadowing, or flashback, make sure you give the readers what they want to read.

    There are many genres, especially those written in the absurdist time era, that there is no beginning or the end. There is always an open end that makes the readers hinge on the story and want them to read more.

    No matter whichever method you decide to choose, it should have a storyline to it. It should have an element that grips the readers from their senses.


    Never forget to divide the story chapter by chapter

    When writing your fiction, make sure you have divided the storyline into chapters. Having a basic storyline or a cutthroat story may not work for you. How are you going to show the scenes changing, the characters moving, or just simple actions?

    Dividing the chapters in the story helps you connect to the audience in a better way. You also ensure that.


    Don’t leave your story in the middle. 

    That’s the recipe for having the worst book. You have to finish your fiction story, or else you will not complete and publish your book ever. So this tip is a must. You cannot leave your story in the middle. 


    Don’t forget to edit your story.

    Writing is half of the story, whereas editing is the other half that ensures the quality of your book. Make sure you never miss, avoid, or forget about editing your fictional story. It’s one of the things that is going to help you become your readers’ favourite. 


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