It is important to choose the right steel for Crate Mould


      What kind of Crate Mould can be called a good Crate Mould? Basically, it needs to meet the following key points:

      1. Long mold life

      2. High-speed cycle time

      3. Exhaust solution for crate handle area and bottom area

      Do you know how to make Crate Mould work well?

      1. Choose the right steel for Crate Mould.

      You must choose the right steel or material for durable mold parts. For example, if you need to make a 2-cavity crate mold, then you need to use pre-hardened steel with HRC greater than 30 as the mold base, such as P20.

      2. Perform correct quenching treatment on each piece of steel, so that the hardness of the steel can be controlled and not too hard.

      3. If the plastic box is disposable, some plastic box mold manufacturers may use recycled materials for injection molding.

      Then we must consider these two points.

      (1) How to ensure that small steel sheets and scraps will not damage the cavity and core.

      (2) How to prevent small steel pieces and pebbles from entering the cavity?

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