In the pre-production of Stool Mould, we will provide customers


      In the pre-production of Stool Mould, we will provide customers with the most suitable solutions and make suggestions, such as the size of the plastic stool, steel, etc. We will give some reasonable suggestions, for example P20,718 steel can be produced, regular Stool Mould can be used, and P20 steel material is recommended. Good steel is based on customers' requirements for long mold life and high product quality. And the steel we use is all provided by well-known Chinese and foreign steel manufacturers, as well as heat treatment and HRC:

      We entrust a professional heat treatment company to heat treatment for different parts and steel hardness requirements. After long-term use, the core hardness and plastic stool mold cavity after pretreatment can reach HRC32-36. All parts are processed by CNC lathes. , The assembly of the plastic stool mold is all done manually by experienced mold workers. We have reasonable heat treatment technology and precision processing. The production cycle is about 20-32S.

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