Reduce crate forming cycle

  •   Best folding Crate Mould design advantages:

      Reduce crate forming cycle

      Since HDPE has a flow index of 4-5, its flow rate will be faster. At the same time, it will also greatly reduce the injection time of crates, thereby increasing the production capacity of folding boxes.

      Increase the life of Crate Mould

      By using DIN 1.2344 (Germany Thyssen, HRC 42-55, HRC 60 after nitriding), DIN 1.2311 (German Thyssen, HRC 33-36, HRC 60 after nitriding), and 718 steel, the life of Crate Mould will be longer.

      Optimal cooling:

      With a large-caliber waterway and multi-group design, the crates are formed and cooled faster and better.

      Simple Crate Mould design:

      Our folding crate mold design concept is simple in structure and convenient for mold maintenance in the future.


      Through mold flow analysis and previous molding experience, our goal is to achieve the shortest cycle time to maintain the competitiveness of our folding crate products.

      100% after-sales service:

      What we provide is not only a mold but the best plastic foldable crate solution. We have a dedicated after-sales system, you can contact us at any time.

      Dustbin Mould is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.