The springs and other elastic parts on the forming surface are

  •   After long-term use, the blade of the Bucket Mould must be sharpened, and the surface of the sharpened blade must be demagnetized and cannot be magnetized, otherwise, it will easily cause blockage. The mold user company must make a detailed record, calculate its use, maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and the number of damage, and make statistics based on the damaged parts and components and the degree of wear, so as to provide information about finding and solving the problem. As well as the molding process parameters of the Bucket Mould and the materials used in the product, it shortens the trial run time of the mold and improves the production efficiency. The various properties of the plastic furniture mold should be tested under the normal operation of the injection molding machine and the mold, and the size of the molded plastic parts should be measured. This information can be used to determine the current state of the mold, and determine the cavity, core, cooling system, and distribution based on the information provided by the plastic part, so as to determine whether the mold is damaged and whether the repair measures are damaged.

      Springs and other elastic parts on the molding surface are easily damaged during use and are usually broken and deformed. The method used is a replacement. During the replacement process, you must pay attention to the specification and model of the spring. The specification and model of the spring are determined by the three items of color, outer diameter, and length. Only when the three items are the same can they be replaced. Imported springs are of better quality.

      The punch is easy to break, bend and bite when using Bucket Mould, and the punch sleeve usually breaks. Usually, the same specification parts are used to replace the damage of the punch and the punch sleeve. The parameters of the hole punch mainly include the size of the working parts, the size, and the length of the installation parts.

      Fasten the parts and check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. The method used is to replace parts with the same specifications.

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