Mold temperature requirements;

  •   Basket Mould production skills

      Positioning and design of the gate

      The location of the gate is important relative to the way the polymer flows into the plastic container mold. Other factors must be considered when selecting the gate location, including:

      The described aesthetic considerations are shaped;

      Degumming requirements of molded products;

      The complexity of the design is shaped;

      Mold temperature requirements;

      The nature of the polymer to be processed;

      The volume and feed rate of the polymer fed through the gate;

      Importance and location of welds produced;

      Filling the contour may cause the location and influence of gas trapping.

      After considering all the previous content, it is clear that the door position must be determined relatively early before and before the start of the design. If the parts are to be fed conventionally, that is, non-hot runners, the gate location options are further restricted due to the limitations of the two-plate mold design.

      The limitation exists because the gate must be made on a single plane around the mold parting line. When faced with gate requirements outside the two-plate design range, mold designers can choose a three-plate or runners mold design format to achieve the desired gate location.

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