Advantages of Stool Mould

  •   Advantages of Stool Mould

      The folding stool is a lightweight, stackable seat that is easy to move and saves space. The seat plate and the backplate are usually integrally formed with the original PP plastic in the mold. Usually, foot pads are added to the bottom of the chair frame (that is, where it is in contact with the ground) to prevent slippage and prevent the floor from scratching. Use occasions: various training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families, and other places.

      You may not like its seemingly complicated appearance. In fact, it is folded with a piece of material, also called a folding chair. Very suitable for any other small furniture, such as Pitcher Mould. It is not a whole, because it is a bright spot, embellishment.

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      When purchasing Stool Mould, please pay attention to the following points:

      1) Pay attention to the firmness: check the overall quality of the frame, and use both hands to shake back and forth, shake and shake the product. It is necessary to have a design to prevent hands, and the product cannot be easily cut by sharp edges and other hands.

      2) Evaluate the material, hardness, and load-bearing capacity of the stool.

      3) Evaluate stool support or use occasions, and select appropriate stools