It is best to use a mechanical system for ejection on the Crate

  •   How to make a Crate Mould with high-speed performance?

      A good plastic filling system requires a very special hot runner system. Because of the Crate Mould, you need to use low MFI HDPE, such as MFI = 4 or even MFI = 6

      You need to achieve the best cooling effect. For durable plastic crate molds, you need to use max-max molds in the molding area and have an excellent cooling water channel design; for single-use crates, You need to use a cooling system designed with tempered steel with excellent cooling performance...

      You need to use a high-speed injection molding machine to run it, and the screw RPM should be greater than 350. Worldwide, most box manufacturers are now using accumulators to increase the melt and injection speed.

      The design of Crate Mould is also very important, it is best to use Dustbin Mould

      The mechanical system is used to eject the upper part so that the ejection action can be made when the mold is opened. Of course, maybe your machine can work with two hydraulic systems at the same time, and then eject when the mold is opened.

      For all types of molds, high-speed operation is based on precision-machined molds, and the moving parts have precise guidance...Otherwise, it will be impossible to achieve the high-speed performance of the mold.

      Crate Mould handle area ventilation solution: This is an important problem because when the tote is loaded and carried by personnel, these 2 handle areas will become the greatest force. If on the mold, the ventilation in this area is not ideal, there will be very obvious connecting lines. The damage always comes from this line.