Process Of Ordering Drawer Mould

  •   We have a full range of high-speed CNC machining centers, CNC milling machines, CNC engraving machines, electric discharge (EDM) centers, wire cutting machines, etc.

      We have advanced CAD/CAM/CAE design technology and rich experience in mold manufacturing. These enable us to manufacture large-size molds, complex molds, deep cavity molds, thin-walled molds, and high-precision molds.

      Shine Mold is one of the best manufacturers and exporters of plastic injection molds for household items, Drawer Mould, chair molds, Bucket Mould, pallet molds, turnover box molds, automobile molds, etc. Our molds are mainly exported to 20 countries including Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Argentina, Colombia, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

      The process of ordering molds

      Stage 1

      Make product design drawings based on the original sample or customer's concept

      Obtain machine specifications from the buyer

      Plan mold specifications

      Stage 2

      Make mold drawings according to the buyer's requirements and machine specifications.


      Stage 3

      Approve mold drawings

      Order steel and standard parts, and start machining on cores, cavities, and mold bases

      Assembly, adjustment, polishing

      Detailed drawing and assembly

      Stage 4

      First trial-check mold injection size, accessories, and mark correction

      Second trial-detailed inspection and correction

      Stage 5

      Send the mold test video and photos to the buyer

      Send samples to customers by express and get approval

      After making the final corrections, please make a final check


      Mould packed in a wooden box

      Molds for delivery by sea or by air