Armchair Mould Is One Of The Very Mature Projects Of Our Compan

  •   Xuanhan Mould is a famous mold manufacturer in China. Our company specializes in the production of chair molds, computer chair molds, plastic chair molds, and gas-assisted mold chairs. These plastic chair molds are sold overseas and have been recognized by customers in Europe, America, the Middle East, and other regions. We have more than 10 plastic chair mold production teams. From product design to mold delivery, we can always create better products, better quality, and the shortest manufacturing cycle for customers.

      Classification of chair molds:

      According to the appearance, it can be divided into armchairs, baby chairs, no armchair molds, back chairs, basket molds, concept chairs, etc.

      According to the purpose, it can be divided into household chairs, office chairs, public chairs, garden chairs, beach chairs, etc.

      Ordinary chair size and corresponding mold size

      500x400x880mm 1250x820x780mm

      570x540x820mm 1300x830x820mm

      380x380x580mm 850x620x700mm

      Raw materials of chair products:

      pp, pp + 20% (25%) calcium carbonate, PC, PA, PA + GF.

      Chair weight:

      Ordinary chair 1700-4000g, baby chair 650-900g

      Injection method of chair mold:

      Hot runner

      Common steel materials for chair molds:

      SC45 P20 DIN1.2311.

      Molding time of chair mold:

      The armchair is about 55-60S. It is about 45-50S without an armchair.

      Armchair Mould is one of our company's very mature projects. The perfect chair style design, interchangeable chair patterns, and efficient production efficiency are enough to prove our technology and products. We provide more than fifty kinds of plastic chair product designs for customers to choose from. The design engineer will change the product design according to the customer's preferences and requirements until the customer is satisfied. If you need plastic chair mold, folding chair mold, concept chair mold, please call for cooperation. We treat each customer's inquiry with the most serious attitude.