How To Avoid Stool Mould Mismatch

  • The designer must understand that whether the cavity is closed at the edge or near the center of the stool product, most or all of the plastic will flow to the parting line. There are several ways to avoid or hide the mismatch of Stool Mould:

    1. Reduce the significant tolerance of the core and cavity, and reduce the size that affects the alignment (element) of the plastic stool mold. This can be very expensive, but high-quality mass production molds can (and should) be used to ensure that all products are as close to the ideal shape as possible and that the mold components are interchangeable.
    2. Correct the plastic stool mold after completion and testing: by sanding the irregular ridges, manually mixing the mismatched areas. This is often done, but it is not recommended, because in a multi-cavity mold, or in the case of multiple identical molds for the same product, each product in each cavity may be different.
    3. Determine which side of the ridge has the least impact on the end user or product performance, and then determine the dimensions of one side and the other so that in the worst case (all tolerances in the "wrong direction"), the work Still acceptable for its intended use. In this case, the semicircular groove in the peeler is intentionally slightly smaller than the thickness of the rim. With all tolerances in the "ideal" direction, there will be a smallest ridge. When all tolerances are added in the wrong direction, the step of the ridge will be the sum of the tolerances, but it is still acceptable. In the case of round containers, the affected size is the diameter of the cavity, core and/or rim in the stripping ring. Regardless of the plastic stool of the parting line, similar methods are used to avoid any parting line mismatch: round, oval, rectangular, irregular or eccentric.

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