What Factors Affect Cabinet Mould Performance

  • The construction of Cabinet Mould is very complicated. So many details need to work together. From design, processing, assembly, testing to repair, and finally put into use. Many factors will affect the quality and performance of the mold. We need to really understand it to make mold making better.

    The type and quality of steel are the most important to the mold. This is the beginning and foundation of everything. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right steel. There are many types of die steel. Such as D3, A2, O2, D2 tool steel cold-rolled steel; H11, 1.2344, H13 hot-rolled steel and other tool steel. Maybe you need to focus on the following points to choose the right point of view. The demand for injection molding materials is that different plastics need to be paired with different steels. It also has corrosion resistance and polishing requirements. If the steel is functional enough, it is the best. High steel properties can be obtained without spending a lot of money.

    The surface treatment is also very important. Nitrogen treatment can make the surface hardness of steel higher and extend its surface life. Electroplating can change the properties of die steel. Some plastics require high brightness and corrosion resistance, and then we can use electroplating to improve and change the performance of steel.

    A good structure design must not only consider the material properties of the product: shrinkage, molding temperature, and so on. And also need to consider the cooling part of the water. Excellent structural design can extend the working time of the mold and maintain its ability to successfully produce products. This is huge for improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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