Professional Plastic Chair Mold Supplier

  • Plastic chairs have become an essential household product in the current life. How to make a high-quality plastic Chair Mould? Welcome to SHINE MOULD, we are a professional plastic mold manufacturer. Especially in the plastic chair mold manufacturing, we have manufactured various chairs, such as rattan chairs, handle chairs, beach chairs, air-assisted chairs, PC chairs, etc.

     How to make a plastic chair mold?

    1. Mold steel usually uses P20 or 718

    2.Gate: 90% is used for edge gate

    1. Ejection method: thimble, automatic ejection with robot
    2. Surface treatment: polishing, leather, leather area

    5 Surface inspection: stack more than 10 chairs, do not tilt, the stacking distance of two stacked chair legs should not exceed 60mm, and easy to separate after stacking

     For the plastic chair injection machine, according to our experience, it is recommended to use a 650-ton machine, which depends on the weight of the chair product is less than 2500g. If it is larger, you can try a 780-ton machine, and some special chairs require more than 1000 Tons of machines have extended nozzles.

     If you are looking for a good plastic chair mold and Cabinet Mould manufacturer, please contact us, we will provide you with the best solution.