The Focus Of Drawer Mould Production

  • SHINE MOULD is a world-renowned Drawer Mould manufacturer. The focus of corporate culture is the responsibility of providing the best injection mold to the end customer. With more than years of mold manufacturing experience and technical research and innovation, the SHINE MOULD team has nearly 1,000 sets of technical intellectual property rights in mold manufacturing. We are always in the development and production field and improve the quality of molds. We believe that our technology will win the support of customers.

    The focus of SHINE drawer mold production:

    1. Stacked loading and static loading request
    2. The perfect angle of mold design will be related to plastic forming and strength.

    3 Before mold production, the team will analyze the molding process of the product to ensure the location and number of injection points to provide the best molding service.

    In view of the large processing depth of the lower mold, the principle of segmented roughening should be adopted, and different tool lengths, machining allowances, and cutting depths should be set to ensure safety and efficiency.

    In view of the characteristics that the lower die pushes the square slot and the knife is easy to spring, an arc transition should be added at the corner of the push square slot to avoid sudden changes in the processing direction. The side of the glue position of the push square groove should be appropriately increased by the margin or the side of the drawing surface should be moved to protect it to prevent the knife.

    SHINE MOULD Co., Ltd. has fully considered the customer's investment requirements and realized high strength, high demolding structure, and advanced technical design. If you have some drawer mold and Bucket Mould projects that need to start or plan to invest in, welcome to choose us and we will try our best to support you.