Injection Molding Process Of Armchair Mold

  • The Armchair Mould has the advantages of being easy to carry and light, and there are many design variants of the basic concept. The production cost of these chairs is approximately US$3.50, which is affordable worldwide. The stackable design facilitates subsequent large gatherings and storage of chairs. Monolithic plastic chairs are very common when used outdoors. The design feature is that the gaps on the seat and backrest allow rain and wind to pass through, while the wide base makes it difficult to tip over.

    Basket Moulds are also our products. These plastic products are rich and diverse and seem to be different. In fact, the injection molding process is similar. Plastic injection molding machines have a wide variety of injection molded products and a wide range of applications. Especially in textile equipment and automobile manufacturing, there are many shapes of injection molded products as accessories. Medical equipment, cultural and educational supplies and various containers, turnover boxes and shoes that can be seen everywhere in people's daily life. There are also a variety of complex injection molded structural parts, functional parts and precision parts for special purposes. Injection molded products are widely used in transportation, packaging, post and telecommunications, communications, construction, home appliances, computers, aerospace and defense cutting-edge national economy. The field has become an indispensable means of production and consumer goods.