We Are A Drawer Mold Manufacturer

  • We are a professional mould manufacturer, among which Drawer Mould is one of our products.
    We customize drawer molds according to customer requirements. We focus on the quality, service and team of drawer injection mold projects:
    -High quality is our foundation and motivation. We have strict manufacturing processes and management regulations to control the quality of each drawer mold.
    -High-quality service gives you peace of mind and trust. We have complete pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. For each plastic drawer mold project, we have a special and unique project engineer and sales engineer to take charge of the entire project process.
    -Strong team to support technology and communication. We manufacture drawer injection molds according to your own requirements. Therefore, our team will provide you with the best solutions and suggestions to ensure that the drawer mold project can proceed smoothly.
    So far, we have manufactured various types of drawer molds: from small household drawers to large plastic drawers, these are our advantages. For customer distribution: We have customers from the United States, Germany, Britain, Spain, Mexico, South Korea, etc.
    Welcome to customize your plastic drawer injection mold!
    In addition, Children Toy moulds are also one of our products. If you are interested in our products, welcome to consult and contact us.