Wide Application Range Of Crates


    We are one of the professional mold manufacturers, and the Crate Mould is one of our products. So what is a crate?
    This is a common phrase used in foreign trade processes, including: container, crate, fibre board case, and so on. The so-called crate: there is a gap between the board and the board of the box, which is generally used to hold breathable items. Our crate mould is not a traditional wooden box, but made of plastic, but its general characteristics are: ventilation, easy to disassemble, so it is loved by people; it is mostly used in the transportation of medium and short-distance large and medium-sized goods . They are widely used in shipping and air transportation. In addition, they can be seen in home improvement markets, supermarkets, and large warehouses. It can be seen that the application range of crate molds is relatively wide.
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