Basket Mould Is Food Friendly


    We produce Basket Moulds, whether they are covered or uncovered, we will provide you with them. It can even be customized for you. Our products can be used for many purposes. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is a good helper for you to install fruits and vegetables. In addition, if there is a cover, it can also prevent insects or dust from entering. Not only is it hygienic and healthy, but its hollow design will not cause food to spoil due to poor air circulation. I think this is a good home.
    Our product is a plastic mold. In order to enhance the firmness of the basket, we have added some polymer materials. However, you can rest assured that it is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly material, so there is no need to worry about irreversible damage to the environment. In addition, the plastic mold itself is more resistant to corrosion than metal baskets and can extend the service life. If you need it, please consult and contact us.