Battlestate Games has published the preliminary patch notes for

  • Battlestate Games has published the preliminary patch notes for the EFT Money subsequent large Escape from Tarkov replace, and this one is a doozy. In addition to the plenty-predicted enlargement to the Customs map as a way to offer extra paths around the imperative bottleneck, update 0.12.7 adds a modern scav boss, new guns, new quests, and makes a pair tiny little modifications which are going to have a big impact on how the survival shooter plays.

    First, the brand new scav boss. Named Sanitar, he may be determined on Shoreline, and he’s a former health practitioner who uses his old expert competencies on the battlefield. What that means is that you may anticipate him to heal himself and the scavs he hangs out with once you begin the engagement. He uses loads of medicines and stimulants (a number of which he apparently manufactures himself) and may carry out a few battlefield surgical operation like making use of tourniquets and extracting bullets from wounds. Naturally, he’ll be coming with some new Shoreline quests, so hold a watch at the vendors once the update arrives.

    The other topline addition in zero.12.7 is the a good deal-anticipated growth of the Customs map teased during the PC Gaming Show a month ago. It’ll enlarge the size of Customs by LOLGA approximately 30-40%, but the massive deal is that the exchange gets rid of a difficult bottleneck on the rail overpass along the road.

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