Is Cheap Basin Faucets Really Not Found?


    There are several reasons why bathroom faucets are so expensive. If you have been to a hardware store or shop online, you will see the price soaring more than $100. The price of such a simple thing is too high.

    Cheap Basin Faucets are so hard to find because of their materials, expensive interior design industry, and versatile functions. Designed interior products are more expensive than other household items.

    In this article, we will break down why bathroom faucets are so expensive, and alternative purchase options to save costs and buy cheaper and more robust solutions.

    Why are bathroom faucets expensive?
    First of all, the kitchen and bathroom industry is expensive. Home furnishings are generally expensive, which allows retailers to push up the prices of these indoor products.

    As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to find good faucets for less than $100, especially those that will not corrode or are made of cheap materials. Manufacturers constantly try to compete with each other and keep prices above $100. We found here a list of beautiful faucets under $100.

    Most of these faucets can be found in hardware stores-because many homeowners like to shop in person, feel the material and make sure this piece is exactly what they need.

    However, with Amazon’s recent boom and its ability to buy quickly online, it may be in your best interest to buy directly from the manufacturer and skip the middleman’s markup.

    In addition, the faucet is usually not necessarily a best-selling product. Homeowners will buy a new faucet every 5 to 10 years, which forces manufacturers and third-party stores to get as much as possible from you in a single purchase.

    Cheaper, $100 or less options are usually made of lighter materials; plastics such as PVC. Over time, plastics are more likely to crack, leak, or wear.

    Brass, bronze, copper and other non-corrosive materials are more expensive because of their long service life. These are made from items worth $1,000 and should eventually last a lifetime. The more money spent, the product's life expectancy and life expectancy should be extended.

    We recommend researching the actual composition of the material, not its appearance. Material is everything, because it must withstand constant water pressure and long-term wear.

    Popular design and finish
    Fashionable design and finishes are also factors that affect prices. If it is a new design or updated model, its perceived value can and will be exaggerated by the company.

    Usually, hand-made or hand-painted custom designs will affect the price. Faucets purchased in hardware stores usually have a solid surface and are not much different from competitors.

    Custom designs that cost more than $500 will have truly popular handmade and engraved markings.

    The finishing touch is also very important. This can be traced back to its production materials. Lighter, thinner, low-end finishes often crack and need to be replaced. Cheaper finishes usually come in three different varieties-chromium, nickel and bronze.

    These finishes are usually beautiful at first, but about 2-3 years after purchase, the finishes will begin to fade and water stains will become visible.

    More expensive designs and finishes are generally heavier to the touch and contain stronger materials. These designs usually include rose gold, brushed bronze, high-end copper and brass.

    The last reason the faucet is so expensive is the addition of functions and additional functions in addition to the on/off function.

    Traditional and cheaper faucets will have a hot/cold water option that can be turned on and off. However, newer faucets have added features that enhance the homeowner’s experience. Here are some additional features:

    Water temperature thermostat
    Wall bracket
    Water thinner
    Push/pull rod
    Combine custom finishes, stylish designs and faucet materials with improved modern technology-the price will naturally be higher.

    If you are a homeowner buying a new faucet, please do not let the price prevent you from buying a beautiful and elegant bathroom faucet. Please find a Wall Mounted Faucet Manufacturers to consult related questions