Mission at the biggest port in runescape - Port Sarim

  • It's all very different. The player base, the gameplay, and overall feeling are completely different. The thing that I was most surprised by was the chat with clan members RS3 Gold. It's not nearly as full now as it was earlier. What has changed?

    It's awe-inspiring that a change of this magnitude can occur, but If I was there all the time, I would not have noticed so much. Looking at the single post I made on this account and seeing my own changes makes sense of this I guess. It's just a completely different atmosphere and place than what you remember.

    After the strange, rambling introduction I was wondering if someone could simply explain how most things work these days in the game. What are the most significant changes apart from EoC? Have they added additional lands, areas or cities?

    I want to be able to go back to this game. It's the only one of its kind that I could to enjoy and engage with the people I met on the journey. While I'd like to be able to buy osrs infernal cape, I still want to be aware of the current situation.