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  • The basis of what will be a major part of your existence for many years were laid with the first steps OSRS Accounts. It took me around an hour to master the ability to smell a bronze bar and it wasn't easy to master the art of baking bread.

    It was not so difficult to prepare your first Runescape meal over a fire you had made. You never knew that you could take down the giant rat created by polygons using a bow and arrow in 5 seconds. Tutorial Island was the beginning of an amazing adventure that would last for decades. No matter how old or how far back the island will remain in our hearts.

    Then there was Lumbridge. It's as simple as that. It's the beginning of an unforgettable experience where you were unsure of the situation or what to do. It was the place that everyone knew and could return to in case of you were lost. Lumbridge could be intimidating to new members, to be honest.

    A new interface appeared with similar menus to those that you were shown in the tutorial, but this time a chat box appeared with hundreds of players talking to one another at the same time. It was difficult to comprehend what they were saying in Runescape jargon Buy OSRS Fire Cape, that you sat there for half an hours just to hear what other players were saying."