Suggestions On Replacing a Single Point Load Cell Into a Scale


    This process will differ depending on the scale or balance used, however the following will provide a general guideline on how to replace a single point load cell in a bench/ retail scale.

    Ensure the power is switched off (both the mains and the scale).
    Open the scale casing by carefully removing the screws in the designated areas.

    Once the scale top has been removed you will see a variety of components. If replacing a load cell, it is common to find this fixed in position by an upper and lower metal frame. First, detach the load cell from the upper metal frame by unscrewing any central screws, then remove the upper metal frame by unscrewing the designated screws attached to the lower frame and carefully lifting.

    Once the load cell has been exposed, detach the load cell by carefully disconnecting any wires. If the load cell, is screwed to the lower frame, you will also need to unscrew this prior to disconnecting any wires.

    Once fully detached and removed, slot the new load cell onto the lower frame and reconnect any wires.

    Carefully place the upper frame onto the load cell, ensuring the screw positions line up, and carefully screw in the central screw points to connect the load cell to the upper frame and then the exterior screws to fix the upper frame to the lower frame.

    Once the load cell is secure, place the removed exterior casing back onto the scale and screw in to close.

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