Precautions when using weighing transducer

  •   Precautions when using a weighing transducer

      The maximum rated load of weighing transducer

      It is important to choose a weighing transducer that not only matches the type or direction of the load you want to measure but also can withstand the maximum expected load.

      For example, weighing transducers are rated according to their maximum kilograms (or pounds). To measure weights up to 1000 kg, you obviously need a load cell rated at least 1.5 to 2 times that weight.

      Two-point calibration and zeroing

      The calibration table included with each weighing transducer will show you the preferred excitation voltage and sensitivity of the built-in strain gauge. You will need this information in order to set up the software to accurately measure the output using the desired unit of measurement (usually kg or lbs).

      Environmental considerations

      If the weighing transducer will be used in an environment containing corrosive gas, water, steam, etc., a load cell with a corrosion resistance rating must be used. Sealed stainless steel load cells (look for high IP ratings of IP65 and above), designed for these unfriendly environments. Of course, any sensor or system used in an explosive environment must obtain intrinsic safety and/or explosion-proof certification in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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