Single point load cell is the main product of the load cell ind


      Single point load cell is the main product of the load cell industry. The most common among bathroom scales, platform scales, and small platform scales is that the single point load cell has an excellent ability to accurately weigh in applications where the product may be placed anywhere on a relatively large platform area. This insensitivity to eccentric loads is an ability called torque compensation. A single cell can accurately weigh an area much larger than its footprint. This ability to use only one load cell instead of four load cells makes single point load cells a very economical solution for many applications, including but not limited to bathroom scales, platform scales, platform scales, hopper, and container scales Weight, part counting, packaging, check weighing, OEM products, retail scales, conveyor belt scales, production processes, low budget applications, and medical scales

      The single-point load cell is made of aluminum or stainless steel and has an optional IP68 airtight seal, suitable for any environment. With capacities as low as 300 grams to more than 2,000 pounds of usable standard capacity, our single-point load cell is ideal for low-cost applications. Our single point load cell supports platform size

      Our single point load cell is very suitable for a package order to modify the cable length, capacity, output, or wiring code. Mounting a seat and gasket can ensure that you get the maximum accuracy and reliability from a single point load cell.

      a column load cell is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.