The weighbridge load cell can be used for tension and compressi

  •   Weighbridge load cells can measure tension and compression. They are ideal for performance and versatility because they are made of a nickel-plated alloy steel and are equipped with a variety of hardware. The weighbridge load cell​ is suitable for weighing smaller silo containers and storage tanks, or for OEM projects or test machines.

      The weighbridge load cell can be used for tension and compression measurement. Each weighbridge load cell has a threaded hole at both ends, making it a very versatile and flexible solution. According to your requirements, different accessories can be added to the weighbridge load cell to increase additional practicality or accuracy. Threaded holes can also be mounted to threaded rods, eye bolts, or rod end bearings, depending on the manufacturer and the purpose of the load cell.

      The weighbridge load cell has many advantages, including cost-effectiveness, high durability, high side load suppression, better sealing and protection, built-in overload protection, single-point structure, wide operating temperature range, and high and low capacity. As with every purchase, there are certain things to consider when buying a weighbridge load cell.

      The first is the measurement duration, which depends on whether the expected load cell application requires a short-term duration with tare or a long-term duration without tare. Another thing to consider is the output requirements and whether the required output is digital USB, wireless, or analog. Other factors include installation options, operating costs, operating temperature conditions, and measurement speed.

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