The main features of double shear beam load cell

  •   The stainless steel double shear beam load cell is suitable for construction, for example, to manufacture CE-M approved high-capacity scales or weighing tanks and hoppers with related accessories. With the expansion of the weighing structure, the accuracy is also very high.

      Capacity (kg): 10000, 20000, 30000.

      OIML R60. C4 accuracy grade.

      17-4 PH stainless steel. IP68 protection.

      Technical characteristics of double shear beam load cell

      C4 precision level

      17-4 PH stainless steel structure

      IP68 protection

      Maximum. Capacity from 10,000 to 30,000 kg

      Shielded connection cable

      Test certificate available on request

      The main features of double shear beam load cell

      Minimum load cell verification interval: Vmin = EMax / 10.000

      Full scale output (FS) with a combined error of 0.03%

      Full-scale output: 2mV/V +/- 0.1%

      The influence of temperature on zero: 0,00116% /°C

      The influence of temperature on full-scale output: 0,00097% /°C

      Compensation temperature range: -10°C/+40°C

      Operating temperature range: -30°C/+85°C

      Creep error after 30 minutes: <0.02% FS

      Maximum allowable excitation voltage: 15 VDC

      Input resistance: 700 ± 7 ohm

      Output resistance: 700 ± 7 ohms

      Zero balance: +/- 1% FS

      Insulation resistance: >5000 Mohm

      Safe overload: 150% FS

      Ultimate overload: 300% FS

      6-wire shielded cable, 15m long

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