What is the double shear beam load cell

  •   The double shear beam load cell is especially suitable for weighing scales, dosing systems, storage tanks, silos, etc., complete support, and swing ball joints. CE-M approved.

      C3 accuracy class

      Laser welding in nickel-plated steel

      High accuracy and linearity even under non-vertical loads

      Parallel optimization

      IP68 protection level

      Up to 25,000 kg capacity

      Shielded Teflon connection cable

      Test certificate available on request

      Technical characteristics of double shear beam load cell:

      Minimum verification interval: Vmin = EMax / 10.000;

      The maximum number of splits of the load cell: nLC=3000 (C3);

      Full-scale output: 2mV/V +/- 0,2%;

      The influence of temperature on full-scale output: 0,0014%FS/°C;

      Zero temperature influence: +/- 0,0017%FS/°C;

      Compensation temperature range: -10°C/+40°C;

      Operating temperature range: -35°C/+65°C;

      Creep error after 30 minutes: 0.02% FS;

      Excitation voltage: from 5 to 18 VDC;

      Input resistance: 750 ohms;

      Output resistance: 700 ± 7 ohms;

      Zero balance: +/-1.5% FS;

      Insulation resistance> 5000 Mohm;

      Safe overload> 150% FS;

      Maximum overload 300% FS;

      4-wire shielded cable, 15mm long.

      ball type load cell is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.