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  • What are Folding Chairs?
    Folding chairs are distinct from most types of chairs you find around the office. Their design, feel, and what they are built for is very different to a standard office chair.

    Folding chairs from folding chair supplier are designed for limited use, to be sat on for a brief period. Factors like ergonomics or the long-term comfort of users, are not considered in their design – instead they emphasise practicality and offer a lightweight option.

    Often bought in bulk, folding chairs are frequently used in large spaces for events like weddings or where a large number of employees will gather at once. As the name suggests, folding chair can be quickly folded up into a more manageable size and put away into storage.

    Benefits of Folding Chairs
    What will a folding chair bring to your organisation? Here are three of the most significant benefits.

    Space saving
    One of the most attractive features of a folding chair is the ability to fold them away when they aren’t in use. Businesses and schools use them for events or assemblies, before folding them all up ready for storage.

    Folding chairs give you the opportunity to have readily available seating for these types of occasions without taking up significant room in your storage area.

    Folding chairs are designed for short stints. The design can therefore be stripped back to leave only the basic necessities. Without expensive features and materials, the price of folding chairs can be significantly less than that of many alternatives.

    You won’t find a chair that’s more practical than a folding chair. Not only can you fold them away in your storage area or temporarily remove them from a room so that space can be used for something else, they can also be transported. If you need seating for use at events away from your office or school, folding chairs are the perfect choice.

    Using a folding chair cart, you can easily transport dozens of folding chairs stacked safely in one unit. Even without a cart, folding chairs are lightweight and easy to move around in large numbers.

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