Additional Features of Aluminium Folding Tent to Look For


    Think of the vestibule for aluminium folding tent as the front porch of the camping world. This is an extension of the tent material providing a protective covering outside of the tent. Vestibules are great for storing your backpack, shoes, or any other gear that you may not want inside your sleeping area. Most tents come standard with a vestibule but some tents have optional add-on vestibules if you want to supersize your space.

    If there will be multiple people sleeping in your tent then having more than one door will help avoid having to step over people when entering and exiting the tent. Additional doors will increase the bulk and size of a tent, so keep this in mind. It is also important to check how the zippers function on the doors. Are they easy to open and shut? Do they make a lot of noise?

    Tent Poles
    A tent’s pole structure helps determine how easy or hard it is to pitch. Typically, fewer poles allow faster setups. It's also easier to attach poles to clips than it is to thread them through long pole sleeves. Many tents use both clips and short pole sleeves to balance strength, ventilation, and setup ease.

    Aluminum poles are usually better than fiberglass and come with better quality, more expensive tents. Budget-friendly tents often come with fiberglass poles.

    Pockets and Organization
    Pockets and organizers are great for keeping track of your gear inside the tent. You can store your headlamp or eyeglasses in easily accessible pockets next to where you rest at night. A lantern loop is often placed at the top-center of a tent's ceiling for hanging a lantern. Most tents come with at least one or two pockets.

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