Reasons to Get an Outdoor Garden Canopy

  • If you live near a lake or your house is located in an open area that is greeted by sunlight every morning then should think about getting a 10×10 canopy. One of the biggest benefits of a canopy is that it provides you the much-needed shade, which is necessary in summer. But that’s not all! A change in the weather might tempt you to have a brunch outside, then there are backyard barbeques and last but not least, alfresco dinner parties… imagine hosting such events throughout the year. Your family and friends will enjoy the break and you become the king of throwing great parties. You have spent enough time indoors. Now, it’s time to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. On hot days, the shade will keep the backyard cool and on cold days, you will have a blanket over you that will protect you from show.

    A 10×10 outdoor garden gazebo gives the privacy you need for your private pool parties. It’s a simple thing that turns an open space such as a garden, porch and backyard into the perfect entertainment spaces. A canopy sure looks quite simple standing on its own but the good news is that you can decorate it in many ways. From flowers to trellis, lanterns, fairly lights, birdhouses, wind chimes and more… you can hang anything to bring attention to its biggest feature ― the light and breezy seating area it offers. You can also turn your canopy into a gazebo by adding a raised platform and a decorative fence. If you feel that the surrounding area is empty then you can create an appealing look by planting flower and trees. You can create a beautiful pathway coming from your backdoor’s entrance and leading to the steps above and under the canopy. Make sure to line this path with potted plants to give it a magical feel.

    If you don’t want the shade to be in your backyard 24/7 then opt for a pop-up canopy and decorate it with household items such as light and frilly cloth blinds and place wicker furniture underneath it. For an impromptu Sunday dinner, a pop-up canopy is the best way to impress your guests. Once the party ends, you can pack up the canopy and store it in your garage. There are different types of canopies, some of which that come with four legs and some that stand as an umbrella. If it’s a big gathering then choose the former option and if it’s a small family get-together then choose the latter.

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