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    How to cancel Pof subscription with ease?

    In order to have a positive outcome in a certain period of time, Plenty of Fish encourages its users to have a paid subscription that opens up many resounding features that help you to find the partner as soon as possible. As soon as you end up finding the partner, there will be no longer use of the paid subscription. Therefore, it becomes important for you to cancel the subscription. Below is the method that will help you to cancel the subscription with no difficulty.

    • Log in to your account
    • Click the link under To delete your pof profile
    • Fill your user-name, password, and your reason for leaving
    • Click Submit
    • Your subscription will be ended now

    We have gathered the most frequently asked PlentyOfFish (POF) consumers’ questions like –

    what to do if you can’t log in to your PlentyOfFish account,

    how to delete the POF account,

    how to contact PlentyOfFish customer service etc.

    and tried to answer them with the information gained from credible sources and, of course, the POF official website.

    The Plentyoffish Help Center page provides sufficient details on how to retrieve login information.

    If you are having issues logging into your account, you should verify the spelling of your username and password.

    If you forgot your username, try logging in with the email address you used to sign up to POF instead of your username, and your usual password.

    ✅ Then, you can verify your username by clicking “My Profile”.
    ✅ If you forgot your password, you can restore it here. If you do not receive the POF password recovery email:

    ✅ Your profile may no longer be active on POF.

    ✅ You used an email that is not associated with your POF profile.

    ✅ Your email provider blocked the email from POF before it reached the inbox. You should check your Spam folder.

    If you no longer have access to the email address you used to sign up to POF, you should contact the company to sign up again. Please check out Plentyoffish contact information here.

    How Can I Cancel My POF / PlentyOfFish Subscription?

    Being unable to access their account is the most intense PlentyOfFish complaint users have left on the Pissed Consumer website and other forums.

    According to the POF Help Center, in case you can’t access your account because you have forgotten your username or password, you may try to log in with your email address or follow the process to reset your password (if you cannot remember your password).

    What should I do if I can’t log in to my PlentyOfFish account?

    There is also a possibility that the password you have used does not follow the standard password regulations.

    Try creating a password that is long enough (at least eight characters) and includes one capital letter and one number in it.

    Now, if you have requested for the POF password recovery email and you have not received it, it is vital that you make sure your email provider does not block emails.

    Look for them in your SPAM folder and move them to your inbox or click on the “Not Spam” option.

    Also, double check that you have entered the right email address – the one you used to sign up with POF.

    “To ensure you receive POF’s emails:
    ✅ Add to your Address Book.
    ✅ Never click on Report Spam on any POF emails.”

    Under Profile section of the FAQs, to delete your account (whether upgraded or not), you only need to go to “Delete Account” tab, scroll down, and choose the last option

    Once clicked, the link will take you to a screen that will ask you to type in your username, password, and reason for wanting to opt out.

    ✅ By Phone or Email – How To Cancel Pof/PlentyOfFish Subscription ?

    You may request the cancellation of your membership by calling PlentyOfFish customer helpline or contact POF customer support by email

    You will be asked to provide private information like your full name, address, email, and date of birth, plus your billing address, username, and phone number if you are emailing them.

    In the latter case, you will be sent a follow-up email that will confirm the cancelation.

    how to cancel pof subscription

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