Wall mosaic construction marble mosaic tile china

  • The main topic is good, the craft has this paving material: the mosaic tile glue and the sealant of market industry have two in one brick glue. The color is also divided into a variety of cement and sealant can be used according to different requirements. The most widely used are white and black. Paving tools: grouting float, large bucket, V-shaped shovel, marble mosaic tile china hammer, small wooden bucket, pliers. Paving steps: 1. Mix the powder mosaic tile glue in the bucket, and add water while stirring until the consistency of peanut butter is similar. 2. For wall construction, use V-shaped shovel. One at a time. Start the paving from the middle to the outside of the paving area. Mark the wall with horizontal line and plumb line to make the gap between each paste even. Press the mosaic into the tile glue with proper force by hand to make the mosaic fully contact with the tile glue. 3. When tiling the closing or edge mosaics, it is necessary to align the mosaics one by one. With a wooden board and hammer, gently tap to adjust the position of the mosaic. Very careful attention should be paid to the edges and junctions of each mosaic. 4. If necessary, adjust the position of the mosaic before the mud all you need dries. 5. Make sure that the slurry has 24 hours of adhesive time before filling the joint. 6. Dry the sealant for 10-20 minutes, then gently wipe off the cement left on the mosaic surface with a damp sponge. 7. Finally, use a lint free cloth to remove the remaining cement and sealant from the mosaic surface. 1. The surface of porcelain label is the first place we can see. For example, the label on the back of ceramic tile is usually labeled by brand manufacturers,If you don't see it, you can leave a heart to ask, so as to avoid low price as your purchase of expensive tiles. 2. Check the tile grade mark any item is graded, and the tiles are generally divided into 5 grades. First of all, you should see which level of the ceramic tile you come to, and whether it is consistent with your purchase price. Usually, the packing box of ceramic tile will be marked with certificate, product specification, grade and other information. If the grade of ceramic tile arrived is not worth the price, it should be communicated clearly. 3. Check whether the ceramic tile is permeable take a piece of ceramic tile and drop water on the surface. After a few minutes, check whether the surface of the ceramic tile is permeable. If it is permeable, it means that the quality of the ceramic tile you bought is not very good. Why not choose a permeable ceramic tile? If the surface of the ceramic tile can penetrate water, it is easy to blacken, and even prone to black cracks, which seriously affects the appearance 。 4. It is not difficult to find out whether the size of ceramic tiles is standardized or not it is not difficult to find that some ceramic tiles have uneven sizes. In fact, the overall quality of such tiles is not good enough. Generally speaking, a good ceramic tile manufacturer can control the error of the size of ceramic tiles within the pool mosaic tile standard range, which is beneficial to the construction operation and the decoration effect. 5. Judging the quality of ceramic tiles generally speaking, we can only identify the quality by looking at the appearance of the finished products. First of all, we should see whether the tiles are damaged and cracked, and how well the edges and corners are handled. Generally speaking, the tiles with high hardness and not easy to break are identified as high-quality ones.

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