RF Power Transistor For Any Application

  • The VHF Power Transistor is a unique invention as it is capable of high switching currents even when the input signal is low. It is an application-specific low-power device which can be used in the radio and satellite communications industry. It is often used in RF modems, because of its high efficiency in switching between various input sources. It has excellent gain-limiting abilities and operates at very high speed. A short circuit present in the electronic circuit of the VHF Power Transistor is sensitive to power fluctuations, which prevent the use of the RF amplifier.


    VHF Power Transistor uses an open-source RF ceramic amplifier. An enhancement of the "overset" concept has resulted in the design of a rf power transistor with integrated second-battery breakdown protection. This device is able to deliver up to 50 watts into single-side band modules for single sided applications at low transmitter power. The integrated power amplifier device allows the power level to be adjusted automatically, depending on the incoming signals. On the other hand, the RF voltage modulation facility enables the power amplifier to switch the RF signal between the VHF demodulators and the SIRI handlers.


    Another important feature in the digital tv transmitter is its ease of fabrication. Because of its open source RF ceramic amplifier, any RF source of choice can be integrated in the device. Some manufacturers, however, limit the usage of VHF Power Transistor to just two sources, which makes them unsuitable for use in low power RF applications such as walkie talkie base station kits and personal digital assistant devices. Some other manufacturers, however, allow VHF Power Transistor to be used in more than two RF sources at once. With this feature, VHF Power Transistor becomes more versatile and useful for more types of RF circuits.


    The VHF Power Transistor has an integrated hardwired LTR (Liquid Target Thermistor) circuit. An exact current control is provided by a precise one-step operation method. It has been designed for high RF current control. The tripped and reset currents are kept within the safety limits of the VHF Power Transistor due to its precise current control. Its unique four-step reset control provides the user with the option to reset or activate the transceiver with the help of a push button. Due to its exclusive fast-switching power supply, this RF circuit is ideal for military, aircraft, telecommunication, automation, and mobile application.


    The power specifications are given in a (pulse width modulation), SID (signal to noise ratio), SCL (signal level constant), CLK (cycle length constant) and OCR (one-click clear). The VHF Power Transistor has been through a thorough range of tests to ensure the best performance. It passed all kind of quality tests and it has also passed the FCC requirements. It has also passed the tests for its ability to operate even in humid and cold conditions. The VHF Power Transistor is also ideal for any RF application where power consumption is a major consideration. It can be used for various communication applications including; general mobile radio, personal radio, auto discovery, satellite communications, fixed base stations, cellular phones and other wireless devices.


    The VHF Power Transistor has a high efficiency and it can run the clock for a longer period. The efficiency of the VHF Power Transistor is more than three times that of an RF oscillator. With such a high efficiency, the VHF Power Transistor can be used for several purposes where high efficiency is important. Besides, the fm receiver transmitter is easily available and cost effective.