Write the introduction of an argumentative essay

  • Start with a catchphrase. To generate excitement among readers, start with a catchphrase which can be a quote or an anecdote. Using a catchphrase is the best way to get a reader interested in your work. For example, when writing an argumentative text, you can use a quote from an author whose ideologies you share. 

    An example of an anecdote would be to start by telling a short story related to your subject. To write an anecdote on immigration, for example, you could express yourself in these terms: “when I was only 4 years old, my parents told me that we were going to take a long trip. After a bus ride, we walked for nights, but most of the time my dad was carrying me. One day, we had crossed a river, and it was the start of an adventure in our new country ” and write my essay.


    Introduce the topic in your transition sentences. In the following sentences, you must forget your catchphrase which is more general and which does not directly take your thesis into account. As you progress through your writing, you will need to present the general idea to allow readers to orient themselves to your goals. You should present both aspects of the subject neutrally before stating your thesis.

    • You could express yourself in these terms: “Immigration is an issue that dominates the debates. This topic is rather controversial because some people fear how it affects the resources of the destination country. For others, however, the most important thing is improving the living conditions of immigrants ”.


    Work on a thesis statement to build your argument. After your transition sentences, you will add the statement of your thesis which will be much more precise and which announces to the reader the position which you intend to defend. You should include a few sentences to help the reader better understand the points you are going to make in your argument.

    • Your thesis statement might look like this: “Immigration is good for the host country because it enhances diversity, equips the country with new talent, and broadens the perspective of the welcoming people. It should be encouraged, but with a minimum of follow-up ”.


    Write the body of the essay


    Limit each paragraph to one idea. To get the reader to follow you better, use your outline to create paragraphs. For a short essay, you can develop the main idea in one paragraph. However, if you write longer, you can develop a paragraph for each small idea you develop under the main idea.

    • For example, if you are writing a short research paper, one of the paragraphs may be developing your main idea, “immigration enhances diversity” and in this last, you will expand on any other aspects of your preference.
    • If you expand on a larger scale, you could create a section on diversity and then expand on each of these ideas like “immigration introduces new food recipes” and “immigration brings more to art” in a paragraph. unique and Buy expository essays.


    Take the other side of the question into account. The best way to present your argument is to discuss the second aspect of the topic and bring out what is opposed to your point of view. Explain the subject in the second sense using a counterclaim, then explain why you think your position is better. You are free to decide how you wish to develop this aspect. You can devote a single sentence or an entire paragraph.

    • Try not to make a “straw man” type of argument where you don't sketch the other side of the story. You should be able to support your position without intentionally making the other bad.

    Keep all of your arguments in mind as you write. Each main idea should tie into the next so that at the end of it you have a cohesive argument that the reader can follow throughout your essay. Adding transitions between sections can help readers get the big picture.

    • For example, you might want to transition from a section that talks about building diversity to one that talks about bringing in new talent. In this case, you can express yourself in these terms: “strengthening diversity in our country does not only allow the introduction of new culinary recipes or a new form of art but also hard-working men who could solve the recurring problem of hands. of work ” and Buy research papers online

    Support your ideas with research. Use your notes to support your ideas while citing sources as you go. You don't necessarily need to cite every sentence from your research, but you should cite every sentence that contains the main idea that you got from another source.

    • You can paraphrase other ideas or directly use quotes. However, be sure to use quotes only if the author gives his or her opinion on a topic in a special way. Otherwise, take up the idea in your own words.
    • You could start the body paragraphs with a quote from a credible source. Then explain or comment on and demonstrate how it supports your idea and essay.
    • You can also use statistics to support your ideas. For example, if one of your arguments is that immigration does not increase the crime rate, you could use numbers to demonstrate that.