People are repeatedly reminded to wear masks under normal pande

  • The most important route of transmission in the Novel Coronavirus is droplet transmission, and carrying protective face masks can efficiently block the unfold of the virus. Masks are an essential line of defense towards respiratory infections and can minimize the danger of novel coronavirus infection. The masks no longer solely prevent the affected person from spraying droplets, decreasing the quantity and pace of the droplets, however additionally block viral droplet nuclei and prevent the wearer from inhaling them.

    How to put on a mask?

    (1) Masks are now not required in open and ventilated locations in non-epidemic areas, and masks are required when coming into crowded or closed public places.

    (2) It is endorsed to put on disposable clinical masks in open and ventilated locations in high-incidence areas; Wear scientific surgical masks or particulate safety masks when getting into crowded or closed public places.

    (3) If you have suspected signs and symptoms and go to the hospital, you ought to put on a respirator except an air valve or a clinical respirator.

    (4) Patients with respiratory illnesses ought to use shielding masks beneath the coaching of doctors. Very younger babies can now not put on masks, handy to motive suffocation.

    (5) Cotton gauze masks, sponge folding masks, and activated carbon masks have no protecting impact on virus contamination