The internal structure of the professional stage laser light

  •   The inner add-ons of the laser normally include: motherboard, manipulate panel, galvanometer, galvanometer driver, laser mild supply diagram, high-definition mirror, strength provide system, warmness dissipation system, as proven in the following figure:


      The primary precept of Newfeellighting laser lights for party adopts the simple precept of YAG laser, the use of krypton lamp and variable mild beam, the usage of YAG producing rod to generate beam, and passing frequency to shape seen light. A pc is used to manipulate the galvanometer to produce high-speed deflection, so as to shape stunning characters or characters. Graphics. The manipulate software program consists of German Fire Phoenix software, American pangolin software program and so on.

      Why can the laser mild be in a position to zoom the focal point infinitely? : Ordinary mild sources emit mild in all directions. To let the mild propagate in one direction, it is vital to installation a sure condensing machine for the mild source. For example, automobile headlights and searchlights are each vehicle's headlights and searchlights. To one shot direction. The mild emitted with the aid of the mild is naturally emitted in one direction, that is, the divergence is small, solely about 0.01 radian, which is a little closer.

      In fact, it is a piece of plastic. The fired plastic piece might also be a bit like a small convex lens, however, the curvature is very flat on the surface, so the focal size is far. , Can compose an image.

    Laser outdoor lighting mild has the blessings of bright, excessive mild thread, proper spirit, handy to shoot, etc., and the look is attractive, dreamlike, dreamlike, dreamlike. Used in buildings, parks, and squares. , Theaters, etc., the usage of the non-divergence of lasers, can appeal to humans to celebrities as a ways away as a few kilometers away, due to the fact the laser launch factor has additionally grow to be the center of attention.

      Utilizing the YAG fluorescence era speed, the usage of a krypton lamp and Nd: YAG to all at once generate a beam of light, passing via the frequency, forming a seen inexperienced light. A pc is used to manage the deflection of the galvanometer to structure stunning textual content or graphics. Controlled by using the German Fire Phoenix software, the American pangolin software program and so on. The precept of laser mild used in the above performing arts activities is that the mild is mirrored to the motor or high-speed galvanometer via the optical lens, and then the stepping motor/galvanometer generates the left and proper snapshots via the high-speed vibration X-axis/Y, with the assist of the mild lengthen induction of the human eye and different Internal TTL adjustment to create complicated graphics/text/animation/fans/points. The inexperienced mouse, you have to seem at its power. There is no farthest. Just as we can see areas mild years away, even if they are a ways away, their mild can hit the earth. Semiconductor laser.

      Buy stage laser lights and discover Newfeellight to meet your desires for more than one occasion: large-scale doors broadcasting, indoor scene decoration, surroundings rendering, emblem guidance, stage lighting fixtures application, large-scale content material projection ornament and lights challenge Large scene decoration。