Top 5 Waterjet Cutting Machine Manufacturers

  • What is Waterjet Cutting Machine? A water jet cutter, additionally recognized as a water jet or waterjet, is an industrial device succesful of reducing a broad range of substances the usage of an extraordinarily high-pressure jet of water, or a combination of water and an abrasive substance. The exact or terrible fantastic of each computer reflects the at the back of factory’s strength in producing and designing this waterjet reducing machine, As the historical announcing goes, ‘A top establishing is 1/2 of a success’ . In different words, Choose the high-quality waterjet slicing desktop that will make your commercial enterprise and duties thriving and prosperous. Therefore, We share the pinnacle 5 waterjet reducing computer producers for your reference.

    TEENKING CNC MACHINERY CO LIMITED used to be headquartered in 2003, headquartered in Foshan metropolis and additionally a subsidiary in Hong Kong. As a regularly occurring manufacturer, they had CE certificated because 2006, and ISO9001 certificated in 2010, they usually preserve their excellent administration in pinnacle level. TEENKING has owned 15 countrywide utility mannequin science patents and three country-wide invention patents.
    TEENKING Main Product- Waterjet Cutting Machine

    TEENKING ‘s CNC water jet slicing refers to the technique of reducing with high-pressure, high-speed water flow, which is in most cases used for slicing two-dimensional shapes. CNC water jet reduction can reduce substances such as metal, ceramics, plastics, stone, glass and carbon fiber, moreover, It additionally can guide pure waterjet cutting, such as sponge.



    TechniWaterjet employer is adept in its waterjet greatest slicing technology. their crew of engineers has been creating and innovating new whole water jet slicing options for over 30 years. An exceedingly educated group will provide their customers the help and equipment to make sure they succeed in producing an excessive return.
    Water Jet Pump Core Technology used to be first utilized via NASA for the Space Shuttle Program by using changing old-fashioned hydraulic cylinders with new, extraordinarily compact, efficient, dependable and infinitely controllable Servo Linear Actuators. This identical fashion actuator is used these days in many high-end desktop equipments and presses changing inefficient hydraulic systems.
    Its Characteristics:
    Real Efficiency Gains
    Up to 60% extra environment friendly than widespread hydraulic intensifiers
    Lowest Cooling Water Requirement
    Up to 75% much less cooling water than wellknown hydraulic intensifiers
    Longest Life Fittings & Tubing
    Due to the removal of useless head strain spikes
    Smallest Carbon Footprint
    Up to 50% much less sq. ft. than an common hydraulic intensifier and lower


    Founded in the early 1970s, The first science commercialized via Flow Research used to be the use of a UHP water jet cutting machine as an industrial slicing tool. Soon after, they have invented, patented and perfected the world’s first abrasive waterjet system. Since 1974, Flow has delivered over 13,000 waterjet and abrasive waterjet structures to clients in greater than one hundred countries.
    In fashionable waterjet cutting, Flow research’s flow stays perpendicular to the cloth being reduced at all times. The supersonic move speeds up abrasive particles and erodes the material. It is succesful of reducing challenging substances such as metals, glass, stone, and composites.

    Its slogan: The world's first computing device waterjet.
    For WAZER, Waterjet cutters are awesome equipment that reduces any material. Traditionally, waterjet cutters have been out of attaining for the person or small enterprise due to the fact of the excessive fee and huge dimension of the machines.
    Popular fabrication equipment on the market like 3D printers and laser cutters can solely work with plastics and different gentle materials. CNC machines are terrific for complicated shapes however war with slicing flat sheets. Unlike them, WAZER can reduce via sheets of any cloth which include metal, stone, ceramic, composites, plastic, rubber, and foam. It cuts the substances the world is made of and is extraordinary for professional-grade fabrication.


    OMAX is dedicated to producing precision abrasive waterjet systems. We consistently replace our software program and hardware, OMAX first delivered a JetMachining® Center Model 2448 in particular for the frequent laptop store environment.
    Using water as a reducing approach for tender substances has been round for decades. Early types such as the paper metering gadget by using the Paper Patents Company in the Thirties used notably low-pressure water. While early waterjets may want to without difficulty reduce smooth materials, they had been no longer high-quality in reducing more difficult materials. The capability to reduce tougher materials, such as metals, was once carried out with the aid of including an abrasive to the waterjet in the slicing nozzle after the jet circulates used to be formed.

    The first-class waterjet reducing computing device makes your enterprise clean in processing tasks, Selecting a suited waterjet cutter is can no longer be cautious!

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