What Are The Advantages of Sand Blasting Process?

  • In latest years, there is greater demand for stable wooden personalized furniture. Solid timber furnishings with special-shaped, carved, hollowed out and different factors is additionally broadly used. At the identical time, it additionally will increase the stress on the sanding technique of organization products. The issues of excessive price and low effectivity of typical sanding procedure are turning into extra and extra prominent, and what are the benefits of sandblasting and sanding of strong timber furniture? here, we speak about some important points of the usage of the sand blasting machine.

    Traditional process
    In the normal sanding process, guide grinding has usually been a crucial completed product processing process. Especially for the sanding of special-shaped and total wooden personalized products, the typical remedy is time-consuming and laborious. In addition, some common sanding tools nonetheless want subsequent guide cure after treatment.

    Structure and precept of sandblasting machine
    The spacious arc-shaped sandblasting area can recognize the optimized glide of air waft in the sandblasting vicinity at an excessive feed speed, forming a rather static motion with the conveying speed; The special-shaped workpiece is now not penetrated, there is no black edge, the mild breaking charge of primer on the plate floor is uniform, the edges and corners are in place, and the rotary bendy grinding impact is nearer to the usual manual grinding effect.

    Quality of common processing
    The regular sanding system has a excessive diploma of guide participation. In the lengthy run, it is effortless to have issues in the cure details, such as part and attitude penetration due to uneven energy when sanding the timber door primer, serious sand marks when breaking the film, etc.

    Sand blasting grinding effect
    Sandblasting can manipulate fuel stress and speed. The rotary automatic sandblasting gear incorporates 24 spray weapons to the entire 360 ° processing, which has greater processing effectivity and a wider utility range.

    Environmental Protection Comparison
    As we all know, the dirt generated in the sharpening manner no longer solely pollutes the workshop surroundings and influences workers' health, however, additionally is tough to accumulate and manipulate after diffusion. The primer sanding machine can recognize dust-free grinding, enhance the working environment, keep away from the usual dirt problems, and be greater environmentally pleasant and healthy.