What Is An Aluminium Copy Router Machine

  • Aluminum Copy Router is leading supplier and manufacturer of a wide assortment of Aluminium Copy Router for high performance, precision and durability. This router is specifically designed to slot seamlessly for hidden locking, counterbalanced and drilling for sliding windows. This type of copying machine is equipped with double sided tapered blades for precise cutting and aligned to exact specifications by using cutting tools that are specifically made for this type of equipment. It is designed for long term and heavy duty performance. They are offered in a variety of variety including types and configurations that meet requirements for a wide variety of installations.


    This equipment is provided with two complementary optional accessories: an optional self propelled locking mechanism along with an optional self propelled cutting accessory with an aluminium cutting disc. The locking mechanism is provided with a hydraulic clutch along with a spring loaded cutting tool. It is also provided with an aluminium oxide counterbalance that increases the accuracy as well as durability of the equipment. The optional cutting accessory is provided with aluminium cutting disc that can perform at least four times more compared to the ordinary aluminium oxide disc available in the market. It is equipped with a unique auto-return system that ensures quicker and easier performance after the end of the working period.


    This equipment is provided with a unique self propelled valve and spring that helps to reduce the waste of air pressure. A unique feature of this equipment is its fast and efficient process of cooling that reduces heat generation during the start up process. It is equipped with a unique two-stage cooling system that ensures superb performance and efficiency at all times. It is provided with an aluminium die stamping process that ensures aluminum copy router machine precision and quality production at all times. An aluminium copy router machine is one such exceptional product that provides superb precision and quality at all times. It is capable of performing at more than three hundred rpm with zero backlash.